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standing on one foot, the one that corrseponds with the swimmer's ear, and with the swimmer's ear facing the floor,jump up and down. the water shud drain in about a minute or so.

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it really works!!! i jumped 5 times and the water came right out. thank you!!!


thats it you have water in your ear not swimmers ear!!!!!!!!!!!!


I broke my right leg due to this post!


It didn't work for me but it was totally worth the belly laugh!


That method never works. I tried it, doidnt work.


That has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard, although I did get quite a laugh reading the comments

eight kids

this does work!! but you just have to make sure your in a dragon cave, and within 5 miles of a yellow goat with a pot of gold in your hand, then it denfinitly works, my firends and i tried it, awesommeee.


It certainly doesn't cure swimmer's ear, but it gets the water out... even without counting the jumps or being in a dragon cave.


Are people really dumb enough to think this cures swimmer's ear? I truly hope not, and the ones who encourage it are even worse.


OMG!! When I was reading these comments I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard, but you actually have to jump 23 1/2 times on the side that you have swimmers ear in, then it Really does work! I couldn't believe it when it worked!

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