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standing on one foot, the one that corrseponds with the swimmer's ear, and with the swimmer's ear facing the floor,jump up and down. the water shud drain in about a minute or so.

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Actually if you jump 5 times on your left, 8 with both and then 23 1/2 with you right it works most efficient and successfully.


that really does work, I tried everything that i could do and then I tried that the water came right out!


This does NOT work.. I jumped for about 5 minutes and my leg got pretty tired of it ;)


You have to jump 45 - 3/4 times


This really does work! My daughter had water in her ear and we tried the most common home remedies but none seemed to work. She did exactly what it said and within seconds she said her ear had cleared up! So thank you!!!


OH MY GOODNESS...THIS TOTALLY WORKS! We went to the water slides today and I got water in my ear right after the first slide.I followed the 5 jumps with the left leg, 8 together and 23 ½ on the right and the water came out. THANK YOU!


This sounds really strange, BUT TRUST IN IT, it really works. I had my son do it and within 10 jumps, the water poured out of his hear. AMAZING!!!!!!! We couldnt stop laughing when we saw that it really worked.


LOL! I just watched my 11 yr old do this - although I found it hysterical to watch, it didn't work.


this does not work. on to alcohol and vinegar.


Oh my godness ...... I can't believe I tried this . It doesn't work . It did do one thing , it made my ear hurt worse . I might just stick to ear drops . But thanks for telling me how to make it hurt !

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