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I would just like to say thank you to all the people that have posted on this site. It has truly been a blessing. My son had a really bad rash(either yeast or diaper) around his anus. My child also has genital eczema, but this time is the first that he broke out to the point that he is screaming and hollering because it itches and he is in pain. I was applying butt paste, vascoline, but no help. The doctors where no help either. So I finally placed him in the tub with oatmeal, twice. It helped with the irritation because he was raw down there, but the pain and itching remained. I finally went to the store an stock up on everything i could find (cornstarch, apple cider vinegar, pepto bismol, baking soda, chamomile tea,Flanders buttocks ointment, lotrimin, preparation H, Calamine lotion,tea tree, neosoparin. I was ready. I mixed the tea, with oatmeal and corn starch. And would placed the corn starch alone. It helped. And then i would place the pepto bismol, neosparin, and Flanders on this bottom. I also still did the oatmeal in the tube with baking soda. I also applied some cortiozone 10. It was a lot of trial and error and frequent trips to the pharmacy and stores but he is finally healing. Thank you Jesus. I saw result immediately and healing in 24hrs. I thank this site and the people that responded so much. God bless you all

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my son has had severe eczema most of his life with red welps and oozing sores it itches him so bad and he didnt even have eyebrows due to it eating his skin. however, on the advice of a friend I tried vitamin e oil which is sold in wal mart and any pharmacy with the vitamins. I mix the bottle of oil with a bottle of unscented lotion which he applies any time he wants but usually just once a day and it was a miracle! he can even play outside and get sweaty now bc his skin is clear and doesnt burn from heat!

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