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I found that there is a topical called Lidocaine that helps when you have outbreak. Apply with a qu-tip 5 min before you need to urinate. It helps!
Also I know it's traumatizing when you first find out but it does get easier. I went to church one day and it was comforting to hear the Bishop say it's not that bad. Your life is worth living. I really was willing to throw in the towel on my life. I was scared I passed the virus to my boyfriend. I didn't know I had it when I went back to him. By the grade of God he's negative. I was put on Acyclovir as a preventative measure but like someone else said I was scared my body would become immune eventually. So I take it when I'm stressed and feel I might have an issue or when I feel an OB coming on. Its only been 4 months and so far no more OB's. I refuse to go through that pain again. So I'll try some of the ideas I read.

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Uhm..., how does the Bishop know that it's not that bad?

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