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For a fast, easy, and absolutely healthy way to lose a lot of weight - eat fruits and vegetables. There was a diet invented in the 1920s by a doctor, called the catabolic diet. It consists mainly of fruits and vegetables. This diet actually causes more weight loss than any other type of diet, and is actually more effective than fasting or starvation! The reason for this is that these kinds of foods burn more calories to digest than are actually in the foods themselves. For example, a stalk of celery contains about 5 calories, but, for the average person, it will take around 150 calories to digest it because of the fibrous composition of the food and the ample nutrients to extract from it. Since it requires more calories to digest than the stalk of celery contains, your body must get those extra calories from stored fat deposits. So, just from eating one stalk of celery, you burn about 145 calories! You can eat as many fruits and vegetables you want; in fact, the more you eat the more weight you lose!

For more reading on this and a full list of catabolic foods, visit this site:

People have lost an average of 2 - 3 lbs. a day with this and have cured many diseases. I've been on it for 4 days, have already lost 8 lbs., and haven't even felt hungry. I feel amazing.

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i agree when i was 16 istopped eating meats and turned to fruits and vegetables because i was 150 lb. and i,m 5,1 and i was not comfortable with my weight so once i changed my eating habits i dropped down to about 2 1/2 months i,m 30 years old now i have 4 kids and i ended weighing 190 lb. understand all my family are big so im trying it again and right now i weigh 160 lb.and my goal is 130lb. it really works

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