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Ok so my step daughter gets lice like no other. I do not know why. She is prone to getting all kinds of stuff mosquito bites, lice, ance...ect. We have tried everything for her lice problem. Nothing worked...tried lice treatment things bought in store and online most these home rememdies on here. Finally we just got her hair cut short and treated it again and it worked. Well when she turned 8 we figured she was old enough to get her hair dyed. IT WORKED! When she was 8 all her hair was back and long and when she got it again we died her hair and it worked!! It is get to be a 'cool' parent by letting them act like a big person by dying their hair and treating lice at the same time.

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get to be a cool parent ... really... dying your 8 y/o hair at 8, just makes u look stupid... whats wrong with u people!!


a step mother is real step mother u dont have feelings??/


I don't see an issue with letting an 8 year old dye their hair, as long as it is a natural looking color. I mean, if it works to get rid of the lice, then it works, and is probably a much better treatment than all the others that could be done.


I would never dye my child's hair!! 1/2 cup olive oil with 1/2 cup dawn soap will kill the lice and it's safer than putting chemicals on your head or child's head. There's also a bunch of other natural remedies on this site that work too like tea tree oil. There's certainly better things you can try first.


I have a 7, 9, and 11 year old and they have dyed their hair many colors.. BTW I am the mom that Gave Birth to them... so dont down her for being a step mom


if someone is prone to flea bites headlice mosquito bites then they should add apple cider vinegar to their diets

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