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i highly suggest fresh ground flax seed mixed with skim milk daily. and also fresh chopped garlic. both immediately consumed within minutes after prepareing. also get yourself a can of better than greens. combine all three daily and watchout cancer tumor..

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Dairy causes cancer, so anyone who suggests dairy as part of a cure is mistaken. Over 80% of dairy cows have lukemia and have bovine growth hormone shot in them. This hormone is the one hormone we share with cows. It has been linked to breast cancer in women. In studies where dairy was omitted from diets all patients experienced a halt to tumor growth and most experienced a shrinking of tumors. The natural cure is sevestral which is produced by organically grown fruits and veggies.


Does anyone have any information about 'organic' dairy causing cancer?

I have been taking the Johanne Budwig doet for about a month and I have a female oriented cancer. I was told that this protocol was supposed to help with ANY cancer! I figured ORGANIC would be an exception and that NO growth hormones have been used,

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