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Okay, I have the worlds worst vagina ever! I was in serious pain, like sitting on the toilet crying. I took these red pills which made my pee redish-orangeish, and I drank tons of water and cranberry juice! DO NOT TAKE BATHS. If you do use a blow dryer and dry your vagina, trust me. I will tell you the antibiotics give you a yeast infection too. Where 100% cotton underwear and lose pants. No caffeinated drinks. Always pee.

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sorry but the anti-biotics are not what gave you a yeast infection.... ive been having utis on and off since 16 and took the anti-biotics almost every time and never had a yeast infection my whole life (*knocks on wood*). I just don't want people to think if they have to take them they'll most certainly get a yeast infection because they wont.


maybe blowdrying your vagina gave you the yeast infection as well because im pretty sure that's nasty but it wasn't the antibiotics


I'm pretty sure that antibiotics can cause yeast infections because they kill both bad and good bacteria. That's why people suggest taking probiotics and eating yogurt when you're on them to replenish the 'good' bacteria.

Blow drying the vagina is a new idea, but I understand what she means.


I agree that antibiotics DO give yeast infections because i've suffered from both utis & yeast infections for a long time. It wasn't til i had health class in college that my proffesor confirmed that its something most doctors do NOT tell you. If you do decide to take them Acidophillus is a probiotic to maintain your balance, its also found in greek yogurt but best to take the original non flavored. You can eat it or as my gyn once recomended you can also insert it into the vagina. I would also recommend D-Mannose & lots of water with 100% ceanberry juice.

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