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sam i am

Hello! Did not know how many people would really read this but i figured my advice is valued. I have had issues with poison oak my entire life! some how i always find a way to get it on my face. In minor cases an anti itch cream will soothe until it starts to go away. but in major cases, such as billions of tiny bumps in numerous areas that feel like some ones rubbing hair on your face, the steroid treatment is the best way to go. you will have to go to a doctor but you will thank yourself for that. also if available, ask for the shot. takes about 2 more days off the healing process. When caring for it, wash it twice daily to remove any oozes off, you can wash it with johnson's vanilla oatmeal body wash, or Palmolive works almost as good. the johnsons though will almost soothe it for a little while. and always remember to PAT DRY! this is very important because if you drag a rag across those bumps, you are sure to trigger the itching. poison oak sucks but there are the ways I usually get through it. Wish you luck!

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Thanxs for the reminder to "pat dry". My boyfriend had a bad case of poison oak and reading through all this helpfully advise really helps

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