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My daughter had a planta wart, we home froze it, nothing... Went to the Doc - he froze it - then within days she had 6 planta warts.... Nail polish people - I read this site and treated her with a thick layer of nail polish - nothing else, within days they just started clearing up. Now - 2 weeks later - no pain, no fuss and really only 7 treatments if nail polish before she went to bed, my 9 year old has just pulled the mother wart out - we are wart free! Try it everyone and thank you sp much to this website.

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clear nail polish?? i know it a funny question but no one every askes these lol thanks


I wanted to know the same thing. Clear?


Does it matter what colour the nail polish is?


I read on another website that the color does not matter just be sure to cover the entire wart with nail polish and then they suggested a blow dryer on a low setting to dry completely. Leave on and after about 5 days to 1 week the wart should fall off on it's own.

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