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Ok people I need ur part of my toe nail came loose/ half is still attached..I read a lot of post on here..n for a week I've soaked my feet in venegar n Epson night I tied putting Vicks n a cotton ball over it to keep it covered..well some of my toe nail came off again..n along my other toe this normal??????? Or is wat I'm doing too strong tht my toe nails falling apart??? Should I stop or continue....

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Jack Dawson

'Somebody' rewrote your note to make you look stupid. The merchant doctors want us to pay for massively overpriced lotions that keep fungus hot and wet. That is why they try to make us look inferior to them. No one is inferior to US MDs, its the bottom of the barrel.They want us to depend on their stupid useless remedies. Your fungus must be covered with a drying powder and kept cool. Don't listen to MD's stupidity. They are greedy scum.

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