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Thank you everyone for your ideas, I too have two broken teeth - roots and nerves exposed, and no dental insurance (i've had some barbaric dental work that has scarred me for life and ruined my face so I don't think I would go anyway). I have found that if you take a small paper cup, fill it halfway with warm water and halfway with Listerine - it kills the pain. Don't use full power listerine, that would be like pouring alcohol on a cut, but use half/half warm water. Take a sip, don't swallow, just hold it in the part of your mouth that hurts. Pain goes away for long while. For when I'm not home, anbesol or oral numbing gel works. Tooth pain is right up there with labor pain and kidney stones once the nerve is exposed. I pray that God will help us all be able to have the money for new smiles done by a humane tooth surgeon while we are under anesthesia.

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Well, I can certainly relate to your story. I have nver had barbaric oral surgery, however I have my very back molr on top right that has been chipping away slowly for about 5 years. Thanks to good ol' Schwarzenegger, adults are not covered for dental since 2008 on Medei-Cal, so I have let it go. It has started throbbing the last month, to the point where its in my jaw, eyesocket, temple, ear, and also causing a stiff neck on right side. Quite crippling. On antibiotics now, but pain is still excruciating, i'll take childbirth anyday over this. So far the best relief has been a product called Kanka or Kankor, my co-worker is getting it for me, lol. Going to the store today to get my own. I was literally in so much pain today I was in tears and trembling. No can do!!!!!!!!


I'm a big fan of zinc personally, they sell a nembur of forms, but I find that zinc gluconate works best (I use cold-eze lozenges, but they work best if you start taking them at the very beginning of a cold).Also, there is some evidence to indicate that chicken soup helps too (believe it or not). It may actually inhibit the inflammatory response and serve as a decongestant.Bottom line is that they're all symptomatic treatments, there is nothing for the common cold, prescription or not, that will cure it, you just have to wait it out.For the flu, if you catch it early, there are prescription meds that can shorten the duration, but you would need to see your doctor to get them.


Ummmm Ashley??? How in the HECK is chicken noodle soup and Cold EZ beneficial to a toothache????

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