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I have never typed anything like this before but after battling head lice and finding a relativly easy remidy for such a pain in the butt issue like head lice I had to give my two cents worth. If you don't want to read our horror story I'll sum it up, BUY EXTRA STREGNTH DENOREX and watch the lice DIE!!!!
We battled the head lice issue with our two boys this past summer. When our oldest came home with the 'creepy crawlies' from baseball we did the RID routine and 'nit picked' for HOURS and HOURS. We wanted to shave his head, it was June and it gets hot here, but he didn't want to do that so we battled through it and killed all the eggs and lice....or so we thought. Our youngest had lice about 2 months later, we don't know if it was a reinfestation or if he caught it from somewhere else. We didn't want to go through all the pain of the first go around, and we researched the internet, just like you are doing now if your reading this, and DENOREX EXTRA STERGNTH kept popping up as a remidy. We thought 'why not' it is a shampoo not an instecticide, and tried it and IT ALONE on our youngest. We could see the lice fall out of his hair and onto his back; they were dead, we washed all the sheets, clothes, etc... but only washed his hair with DENOREX for the first week everynight, and every other night for the second week, and were LICE FREE after that, you still will have to 'Nit Pick' with a nit comb, but I thought it was alot quicker after we washed his hair with the denorex, I don't know if the salasylic (sp) acid lossens the nits or not. We now wash their hair 1-2 times a week with it for preventative maintenance. I don't know if this will work for you, but for us we won't go a week without everyone washing thier hair with DENOREX!!!

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Tired Dad

Be very careful using coal tar shampoos like Denorex for extended periods. Coal tar shampoos were withdrawn in Europe due to concerns about side effects.
If you want to stay lice free weekly lice checking works as you catch any new infestation BEFORE the kid starts itching. After trying vertually everything on the market I now use the LiceSnatcher, its fast and you only need one for the whole family for years!


The Denorex may or may not work but it does not contain coal tar. The version of the shampoo recommended uses salicylic acid as its active ingredient. Be sure not to use the coal tar version.


Where can I find the Denorex shampoo??I live in Greece so I don't know If there is here...Do you buy it from the drugstores??


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peterscott..get a life.

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