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I've been having a terrible ache for the past few days because of possible root infection. Prescription tylenol #3 (with codeine) works well, but I have experimented to find a better remedy. All I've done is mix salt, pepper, olive oil, and a small bit of lime together, and put it on a Q-tip. After that, I put the Q-tip on the tooth for about 5 minutes, and it instantly relieved the pain and became numb. It's been a great pain-free hour, and I wish anyone luck on trying to get rid of their toothache!

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Thanks so much that worked great for me. My pain was so bad.


What if my mom is alergic to codine


Does it have to be olive oil? Or will any oil do??


She said she was using codeine but found a better remedy, not using that.


If your mom is allergic to codiene then her dentist will prescribe something else.

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