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Jo English

My daughter suffers from sever boughts of depression out of the blue. She will be just sitting and bust out crying for no reason and when you ask her what's wrong she says she doesn't know. We have her on anti depressants which help very much but she still has these boughts from time to time. I read somewhere once that caffine is good for depression and started keeping chocolate bars in the fridge for her. I also make her tea. These two things seem to help lessen the attacks from strong to weak. She feels one coming on and runs for a candy bar right away. The sooner she gets the caffine the quicker she is out of the danger zone of a bad attack.

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Have viatamin D levels checked


Caffiene and sugars is what contributes to depression. Think of an adult coffee drinker, they 'ned' their coffee to function but they also end up needing more. If someone starts to high then they have headaches and other side effects and think of that being lowered, youll feel depressed, less energy etc. I am 2 weeks into not smoking with a decreased nicotine aide and I feel worse but I know its better then smoking and my body trying to heal itself. I suppose things are fine in moderation as long as you have good balance with your life and diet but if you don't have that then thats a big portion of the problem. As a parent, I would never consider that an option. My daughter is nearly 12 and I dont give her junk food, lots of veggies and fruits and thats what she is used to. She is very well behaved.


I think a diabetic check needs to be done with your daughter....low sugar levels can make you feel down and YES a chocolate bar would certainly help.
Best of luck

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