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Jo English

daughter has had ear aches and ear infections her whole life and they wereMy Ear Nose and Throat Doctor said to mix half alcohol half white vinigar.Keeps for a long time.Just fill the ear and wait a minute or two and tip head and let it run out.Do this twice a day.It has a slight burning sensation but not bad enough to worry about.My talking about surgery when I found this doctor.He said a lot of the time no medicine is required for treatment of a patient, just good old fashioned home remedies like your great grandparents use to use are all you need. I like a doctor who isn't so quick to throw antibiotics at a problem. I have used this on myself as well as my daughter.She hasn't complained about her ears in months.We have used this mixture on her twice since we made a bottle and I only needed it once myself(repeating the ear drops for a couple of days). I swear by this treatment.

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My right ear has been plugged up for months..after a winter of many colds etc...have been having problems clearing both ears for several years but this winter the right ear rarely cleared. Took a cotton ball and dipped it in alcohol and white vinegar..and dripped fluid in my ear..wasnt very comfortable..did it 4-5 times over a hour..allowing the fluid to work inside for a few minutes before tipping ear down..had to suction the fluid out a the last time..palm of hand over ear..this morning, the ear is opening all over the place! still plugging but popping with a regular yawn..this worked well for me!


Is it safe for pregnant ladies?

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