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hey guys so the other night i couldnt get any sleep at all from thge pain in my back molar, i tried clove oil , olive oil, sensodyne tooth paste, wont use mouth wasth,pain killers like tylonal 3 and even perks, and nothing, i found alady who said to use a clove of garlic, slice it long ways so there is fresh garlic exsposed and hold it on the gum beside the sore tooth. I did this and it burned alittle but withen 5 minutes the pain was completly gone, i mean gone, i went from worst pain ive ever felt to nothing in a matter of 5 minutes. yes i tasted garlic for a few hours later, but i could sleep, eat and drink fine afterwards, pain should stay away for at least 3 full days, then can re apply if needed. it works amazing, you will thank me later!

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im scared as people said it will burn a little. i want to try but im scared.

Dave O

I have the worst pain ever..well,kidney stones was but my back tooth is half gone and I don't have dental..I am gonna go eventually but for now the pain is horrible.i took the ib,Tylenol,etc..even a couple Percs and that's not like me.i can see why people can get addictive though and I don't even do drugs ..but anywaysssss..I read about the tea bags also and that took the infection out..that was awesome to know..but I didn't have and garlic laying around to Cutt.all I have is garlic powder and since I tried everything I figured I'd say o well and just rub garlic powder on my guns and where my tooth hurts..and 5 mins later it's gone..I don't know if it's the same as the real garlic cut and all but this is crazy..I'm gonna play some xbox now..if it starts to hurt a little bit after that brush your teeth,rinse mouth with warm salt water and sprinkle garlic powder on your finger and rub on gums and where tooth aches..


Wow! Thanks a million. It worked like magic. Will highly recommend this garlic treatment for anyone with a toothache.


Thanks a ton for this wonderful suggestion, i wouldnt have slept last night otherwise. Made wonders.


Thank you so much for this. I was in agony with a sore tooth and I put a slice of garlic on it for ten minutes and it did sting but oh wow so much worth it for no pain! I was taking tons of ibuporfen and paracetamol daily. Hoping this will help if it hurts again


Jordan! Great work. I started with minced garlic from a jar since that was all I had. Took the pain from a 10 to a 6. After that I went and got the real deal. Worked on contact. However I over did it and put in waaaay too much and that did sting. One slice will do it!


I dont know if I have a cavity or a tooth decay. And my family doesn't really have money to be going to the dentist . I've been trying orajel, aspirin &; the warm salty water remedy but I still have this terrible horrible pain . Many people who commented have said it's worked BIG TIME . But I'm scared that it'll hurt bad when I put the garlic on . I'll try it on the morning &; hopefully it works .


thank you thank you thank you i cannot tell you how much relieved i am ......


Thank you so much!!! :)

in pain

I had such high hopes for this as it seemed to work for so many people, unfortunately it did nothing for me, I'm still in so much pain. As well as the garlic I've already tried the salt water, paracetamol, ibuprofen and some prescription painkillers and nothing is numbing the pain. Going to attempt to get an emergency appointment at the dentist first thing tomorrow. I think I'm just writing this to attempt to distract myself from the pain for a minute.

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