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hey guys so the other night i couldnt get any sleep at all from thge pain in my back molar, i tried clove oil , olive oil, sensodyne tooth paste, wont use mouth wasth,pain killers like tylonal 3 and even perks, and nothing, i found alady who said to use a clove of garlic, slice it long ways so there is fresh garlic exsposed and hold it on the gum beside the sore tooth. I did this and it burned alittle but withen 5 minutes the pain was completly gone, i mean gone, i went from worst pain ive ever felt to nothing in a matter of 5 minutes. yes i tasted garlic for a few hours later, but i could sleep, eat and drink fine afterwards, pain should stay away for at least 3 full days, then can re apply if needed. it works amazing, you will thank me later!

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Painful in Pensacola

I've dealt with tooth decay pain for many years (13 to be exact), I eventually had all of my uppers removed at once, the ones that remained at least, and dentures put in at age 27. This is a result of growing up in an area with very poor drinking water along with an apparent hereditary gum disease. I left my bottom teeth alone at that time because I didn't want to lose ALL of my teeth an figured I could salvage the remaining ones.

I was wrong.

After going pain free for about a year to the day, slowly tooth after tooth started to rot away the same as the others did. No insurance, yet I make just enough money to not be eligible for any kind of government aid. So everything on the lower jaw has went untreated.

Last week one of my remaining teeth broke off at the gum line and I guess exposed that nerve or root we are all suffering with. So Tuesday I went to the urgent care clinic after work because every thing I tried didn't even begin to alleviate the pain. All day at work I was using SensiGel, Ibuprofen (800mg), Tylenol (1000mg), Dentek, BC Powder, and just chewing on bread to try to pack ANYTHING in there long enough to stop sweating. By the time I clocked out and headed to UC Clinic I could barely focus, burning pain all the way thru my eye, jaw, ear, throat and into what felt like the back of my head. Dr spent about 45 seconds talking to me, literally, before sending me on my way with 50mg Tramadol a $135 bill, and advice to 'see a dentist soon', this was only the second time in my adult life I have went to the dr or ER, the other time was for 7 stitches in my hand. No drug history, no anything. Just a working class family man.

That night my previous little son was born, and although I had to 'man up' and deal with the pain, it would have been a lot better for me if I had read this thread before the trip to the urgent care clinic.

After three entirely sleepless days at The children's hospital eating tramadol (glorified aspirin or ibuprofen from what I could tell) along with all of the aforementioned OTC drugs we finally came home today, again, I could barely function from the pain.

After getting little man and the misses settled in at home I went outside to be by myself and 'figure this thing out', almost grabbed the pliers a few times. Then I found this thread.

I immediately went to the nearest grocery store and bought twelves garlic cloves (I was afraid it wouldn't work well enough for me), got home, and sliced up a fresh clove of garlic and did as the post says.

I didn't even feel a burn, so I didn't think it would work, within 5 mins lil man was asleep on my chest and I was deep into a good sleep myself. I awoke thirty minutes later not knowing how I fell asleep and wondering what felt different, the pain was totally gone, that's what was (is) different.

It's been three hours now and I've actually been able to eat, drink, and clean up the house and run some errands totally pain free.

Kudos to whoever thought of this first and to the person that posted it. TRULY a miracle.

And thank you for allowing me the privilege of getting to focus entirely on my baby boy now!

Painful in Pensacola

*^*precious little son*^* not 'previous'... ---Autocorrect-


Worked amazing! thanks for the post...

Suzanne UK

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou! I've been in tears as tooth pain excruciating and it's the weekend in the uk so no dentist open. My pain went from 10 to 1 almost instantly, been taking ibuprofen & paracetomal and they weren't even taking the edge off the pain. Can't believe a humble clove of garlic saved my sanity! You're a superstar for sharing this xxx


No words to explain, thank you a million for sharing this!! I've absolutely tried everything whiskey, cloves, salt and water gargle, baking powder, and anything you can name!! I have a severe tooth decay on my back molar it's bad. After two yrs, I finally found a affordable dentist that can remove it. This is the only thing that did work. I was a bit hesitant about trying this. It burned so bad, but it felt so good at the same time. Never heard of it but worked wonders!! Thanks again 100% pain free!


I figured nothing was going to work for me. I was injured and had back surgery and am currently on morphine for the pain. I figured if Morphine wasn't getting rid of the pain than nothing would. Desperate I tried Ibuprofen, tooth pain gel, and sensodyne tooth paste. I was brushing my teeth 5 times a day just to get 10-30 minutes of relief. Then I saw this post and thought you all were crazy. Luckily my wife puts garlic in everything so I figured there was nothing to lose by trying. I'm glad I was! I put the garlic in between my lip and gum. Like I can only imagine those people who chew tobacco do. I left it there for 10 minutes (it did burn a little but not unbearable). My breath smells like garlic now but it was worth it. The tooth pain was gone! Thank you sooo much! I'll never put off the dentist when I have tooth pain again that's for sure. The tooth pain was worse than any other pain I'd ever had...


Thank you so much... I have been pretty much barricaded in my room crying off and on.. I tried Vodka, Orajel, Warm rags but nothing helped.. The entire left side of my face hurts excrutiatingly but I tried the garlic. Though I had no fresh garlic, I did have minced and it helped a lot.. I'll be able to sleep tonight, thank god!


Hi jordon,
I have no words to express my thanks. It is really a magic. I tried several remedial action but none worked like this. Thank once again.


Thought it sounded dumb. I felt like I was being tricked into a prank lol rubbing garlic clove on my gums that hurt. Much to my surprise then pain went from a 10 to a 4 or 5 in about 5-10 minutes, will do again later. THANK YOU !


You. This. The lady who told you. SO MUCH AWESOME! Worked 100% in minutes, allowed me to get some much needed rest & tasted way better than the ora-gel soaked cotton swab in my mouth. Many thanks!!

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