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hey guys so the other night i couldnt get any sleep at all from thge pain in my back molar, i tried clove oil , olive oil, sensodyne tooth paste, wont use mouth wasth,pain killers like tylonal 3 and even perks, and nothing, i found alady who said to use a clove of garlic, slice it long ways so there is fresh garlic exsposed and hold it on the gum beside the sore tooth. I did this and it burned alittle but withen 5 minutes the pain was completly gone, i mean gone, i went from worst pain ive ever felt to nothing in a matter of 5 minutes. yes i tasted garlic for a few hours later, but i could sleep, eat and drink fine afterwards, pain should stay away for at least 3 full days, then can re apply if needed. it works amazing, you will thank me later!

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Million Thanks for your great advise


WOW! this really worked. lasted for almost 24 hours. I was in severe pain and was doubtful that this would.


How long do I have to hold the garlic on the gum for, I have been in pain for 2 weeks due to tooth decay and my appointment to get it removed isn't until next week


It worked for me... Thanks for the help:)


Worked for me as well....Thanks a ton and God Bless saved me from this acute pain


WOW, was in chronic pain with molar up all night, popping panadols, mouthwash, salt gargles , you name it, nothing helped. Tried this worked after a few mins, 1/2 hour later still pain free :). go the garlic :)


All Is one and one is all. The all pervasive one. The all knowing. Such a long search and here is where you hide the answer. You truly will forever be praised. Praises.


Jordan, as soon as I read this, I put down my laptop and ran to the store to get some garlic clove, and it worked!! I was in severe pain, already maxed out on Tylenol and Motrin. It did burn really bad, but I have a very sensitive mouth. I was able to leave it in for about 2 minutes and so far, no pain. The temporary burning and aftertaste is worth it. Thank you so much. God bless.


Worked very well for me had this toothache for 4 days and this helped thanks much


Wow I'm astounded by how quickly that worked. Thank you so much 4 posting that. God bless!

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