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I have had a plantar wart on the ball of my foot for several years. It started small and grew slowly, so I didn't take it seriously until about a year or two into it. But by then it was pretty deeply established. I tried compound W and Dr. Scholls plantar wart treatments, at home freezing, discs with pads, and just regular compound W. I have gone through periods of up to 2 months at a time of consistent treatments with these topical approaches. I could get down to the roots pretty quickly, but never really kill the roots.

After reading a half dozen pages of this thread, I was inspired to try apple cider vinegar, crushed aspirin tablet paste, nail polish, and gorilla glue. It's been just over a week, and I can report MAJOR progress and possible complete cure.

The main treatment has been the vinegar soaked small piece of cotton ball, taped to the wart using athletic tape that holds really well even with some moisture. On day 1-2 of treatment, the wart and skin around the wart swelled significantly and turned white due to the vinegar. I used a knife to cut/scrape a top layer of dead skin away, exposing the wart roots. Over the next two days or so, the swelling continued and the whole area became VERY sensitive and painful. For a couple days I really couldn't walk well, couldn't put hardly any pressure on it. I gave it just a little break, and after a couple days of extreme sensitivity and great pain during vinegar treatments, the pain eased significantly.

After about day 5-6, I applied nail polish and gorilla glue during the day instead of vinegar, similarly directly to the wound, but with small cotton ball on top. Two days ago, when I removed the cotton after work, all the dead skin around the wart came off with the gorilla glue, leaving the wart suddenly protruding without any protection! I have continued vinegar at night and gorilla glue during the day. Just came home from work today and removed the gorilla glue. the wart looked vulnerable, so I cut with a knife into the dead skin at the base of the wart. Clear liquid came out, a lot like bursting a blister. I then was able to cut off the entire wart and some surrounding skin, opening a large open crater. I believe that area of skin has been dead for several days, as there are signs of rotting skin. I cleaned it out and am now applying more vinegar to make sure the wart is truly dead.

If it is, I'm truly impressed! I was having doubts around day 5-6, but now just a few days later I've had two major successes and could be completely free of it after just over a week of treatment! Very impressive and quick results!

Keep at it people!

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Thank you very much


How did you put up with the pain of the ACV??? I couldn't stand it.


I just want to say THANK YOU for your post and to everyone who has posted useful advice here. I have had a plantar's wart on the ball of my foot for about five years now. The first three years it was so small I honestly thought it was a callous from working on my feet all day. Once I figured out what I was dealing with, I went to a dermatologist. Countless painful treatments and $1,000 in medical bills later, the wart is back and bigger than ever. It is the most tender and offensive in appearance it has ever been, so not willing to endure any more pain or spend any more money, I turned to this webpage for help. I will certainly report back on my progress. Thank you again.

Peter B

Hey.. I also have had reoccuring issues with plantars warts. After years of painful treatments, I decided that the doctors could not help me. After reading your (and other)ACV posts, I am trying it.

It seems to work well as all 5 have turned black after about 3 days of cotton ball treatments.

If they come back, I'll treat them again with ACV. I actually take pleasure in the stinging knowing that those warts are slowly dying! Enjoy the pain! Try apple cider vinegar and good luck to all.

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