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Hi guys!!
I'm 14 years old and if your anything like me, NOTHING works for your acne. I've had people laugh at me because of it. So over my winter break, so far, I have discovered one remedy that has changed my whole face in a good way. My acne is getting better day by day. My secret is to mix 3 teaspoons of honey, 1.5 teaspoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon if salt, and .5 of a teaspoon of baking soda and apply to my face and you can always double the recipe to make twice the amount. So I let this mixture sit for 5-7 minutes and then I wash it off with cool water to close my pores. Do this before you sleep and wake up with amazing results.
Hope it helps and comment below and tell me how it worked out!!

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hey there. yes, i know exactly what you mean, and know its not just a teen issue i am 26 years old and fight acne. i have found the one thing that works for me is first exfoliate the affected areas with a gentle cleaner such as cetaphil, and a lufa, and rince and dry well. then cover the affected areas with calamine lotion, yes the cure for poison ivy, works wonders on acne. now be sure u use calamine lotion, not caladryl there is ahuge diffrence between. wear the mask overnight rince well when you wake up. if ur skin feels dry, get cetaphil's face lotion and only use a pea size amount on the dry areas of ur face. its the only thing that has worked for me and is very inexspencive. do it everynight without fail cause like anything, if u stop treatment, it will come back. try this and i hope it works well for u- casey


Thank you for this remedy!!


My son is 15 and we just tried the remedy tonight. Should he do it again in the morning too?? He's been using proactive for almost 3 months and the acne was getting worse! I pray this home remedy works. More comments from people who are trying this would be helpful! Thanks


Thank you soooo much I'm going to try this tonight! I've had horrible acne since I was 9. Yes 9! I'm 13 now and I'm afraid to look at people when I talk to them because I feel like their looking at my pimples. It's winter break for me too so I hope when I get back to school my acne will be gone! Where did you find this, and how did you know it would work? Thanks(:


Im going to try this tonight cause i have bad acne only on óne sido of my hace. Will im going yo use this starting today until sunday and lil Get bck on here to Tell you How it trun out for me okayy. Wish me lucky...


How many times a day should I do it?
And do I leave it on overnight or wash it before going to bed?
Thanks and please get back to me I'm 14 too and I feel the same about my acne


I just tried it tonight! I start acutane next week because my face is so bad! I hope this works for me ill share my results after a week


To Mom- I am 26 I had terrible acne since I was about 12 all over my back. I ended up finding a doctor that prescribed me acutane which is a drug you only take for 3 months. It is very strong and dries you out. I had chapped lips, dry eyes and flaky skin for a few weeks, but my acne was cured. My only regret is waiting until I was 21 to start that treatment. Being a teen with ane was really hard. Since then my brother and little cousin went on it and it worked wonders. It is life changing. I went on to compete in pageants and even won a state title.

I have found acutane was able to help. Other than that the only thing that I found effective before then that is worth a shot were sulfur washes also from the doctor.


Shelby- That is great! Be careful with your skin while on it, it tends to be very fragile, no waxing! I would recommend getting some gen-teal eye drops and aquaphore ointment/lotion for your skin. If your scalp gets dry try Paul Mitchell tea tree oil shampoo with take care of that within one wash.


I hope this works I'm trusting u I'm 12 and its kinda getting hard considering I'm getting really bad acne and over the counter remodels bought in the store only work for me in a week then it comes back really bad so I hope it works

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