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Acne is just a sign that something is not right in your body. First of all, change your diet. Eat LOTS of fruits and vegies, cut down the sugar intake (mine was mostly from soda), take a multivitamin (i take lots of extra B5), and drink alot of water. What else you'll need to do is look at all of the things that you feel is wrong in your life and do what you can to correct them. This is essential! It will lower your stress and give you peace of mind, which in turn greatly improves your overall health. I battled acne for years, many painful years!! I've searched everywhere to find something that works! This is the only solution, total mind and body health. Acne is your body's way of telling you there is something wrong, fix it! There are no immediate results that last, but this does because it CURES what is CAUSING the acne. After years of suffering with acne, I was willing to devote the time it took for this to work. The time it takes to try the quick fixes with their '90 day money back guarantee', you will be well on your way to perfectly clear and truly healthy skin. Acne is an imbalance inside of you, find the balance.

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Good posts on this board. The diet connection to acne is very real and is the only thing that worked for me (acne sufferer for 10+ years). Stay away from processed food and no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated foods (check the label). Yes- fruits and veggies are good. I've had no issue w/ meat, but did w/ alcohol (no more than 2 drinks / day). Carrots help my complexion and also making sure I get enough sleep at night. Diet and rest are the keys to a good complexion (in my experience), not expensive facial products.

ds miller

didnt know where to post this-but-L-lysine is an essential amino acid-promotes healthy skin and skin repair.i use it when i get a cold sore,and they disappear quickly!it seems to help when i have an acne outbreak.clean skin is most important-and also-ALWAYS wash any area well before shaving!healthy diet is important,to.


Theres no doubt that diet is important, eating healthy, drinking enough water, regular exercise etc. of course though, if you're already eating healthy, drinking enough water, exercising, and you're still getting acne, then the problem isn't that simple. This though is where you should start for now. Then you should look how you're actually washing your face. What sought of soap/cleanser product are you using?(is it irritating your face). Are you not washing your face enough? or too much?
Look at the moisturizer you are using and see if it is making things worse, clogging up your pores maybe. Also, If you're a man, facial hair and shaving is something that can make things worse(well it did for me anyway.)But obviously im not saying you should stop shaving. Some people get acne/spots really bad, some people eat all soughts of shit and hardly ever get anything on their face(and they stay skinny). Thats what happens. Just try different things and see what works for you. Herbs and vitamins are important, make sure you're getting enough of the right ones. Of course if you're a person who's been eating unhealthy food most of your life, and you stop doing so, then you should expect this diet change to do wonders for your skin. But we dont all eat junk food, and yet we can still get acne, cancer, heart disease, and so on. The genes you inherited can play a part and so do your hormones. Lets not forget that.


I read somewhere that if all you ate were carrots, you would turn orange. But nevermind that. DITCH THE SODAS. by completely stopping drinking soda, or just having it on Very Special occasions, you will change. make sure you dont drink soda more than once a week at least. You wont crave it anymore and you will notice that you are MUCH healthier AND skinnier if thats a problem. the carbonation and caffeine can stunt your growth as well. Also avoid Big Gulps and drinks like that. One drink has enough SUGAR to last you like A WHOLE WEEK. I used to have a soda every day and now I never drink soda, not even diet soda. I am much slimmer than I was a few years ago when I did drink soda. It makes a HUGE difference. soda is nothing but energy and calories, and it doesnt give you any nutrition. If all you drink is soda, its starving your cells, and when you do that they wont work right. If your parents buy a lot of soda, ask them to stop buying it. It will get rid of temptation and let your whole family get healthier. It will also help acne problems =D


keep in mind that if you change your diet and begin eating healthy food, your body will likely detox and your acne could become worse before it gets better, but keep with it and it will be worth it.


My whole high school experience I had bad acne. Not severly bad, but moderatley bad. The kind of acne that came when I had a date, or was going to a dance, or picture day. I had it on my cheeks. I have recently joined a gym near my home. I try to go everday, but moreso its like 4 days a week. I have been going for two months, and since then my face has did a total 360. I love lookin at my face in the mirror. This change has occured because I totally revised the way that I eat. I dont drink anything but water, and I eat many canned fruits, veggies, baked goods, tuna, beans. All the good stuff, and absolutely no fried food. Well maybe every once in a while. But take it from my experiene from the cliche term, 'you are what you eat.' You eat bad and it comes out of your pores. You treat your body well and you will reap the benefits in your appearence, and well being.


This is a fact, but rather useless as advice. In many cases, acne-prone individuals have been unable to identify the food combinations (or omissions) causing the problem, even after very elaborate testing (allergies, trying different dietary exclusions, etc.).

Bottom line: You probably won't discover what foods are causing the acne, or what supplements will cause it to disappear.


I have to agree with what others have said. A good diet and good excercise routine are basic for any kind of good life. However, they are not the 'answer' to acne. I have been eating as healthy as possible for six years, and my acne is worse! In my case, it is hormone related. No amount of food or excercise helps 'fix' hormone imbalance. Hormonal herbs help, but do not rid my face of the issue. As I said, this is a good place to begin, but don't believe this is the golden ticket to healthy skin.


I agree with this last post. Diet does have a lot of benefits but getting rid of acne is not one of them. I have gotten advice from multiple experts and there is no evidence that diet plays any role in acne. Exercise and hygiene helps with acne. Do the research for yourself though.

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