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I was at a point where it hurt to talk, it hurt to yawn, it hurt to swallow, and it hurt to drionk or eat anything, and i have tried EVERYTHING. but one thing i found that worked was mint gum, it soothes my throat for about an hour, so you would have to be constantly chewing gum, but like i said it helps!

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What do you do or use when theres a lump in your throat?


you spelled drink wrong

Tiana Kenya Roberts

Um this was good and it kinda work but my throat still hurts BITCH FIX MY THROAT BITCH im sorry for mi french its my throat


it didnot worked on me its bad idea


mix 8 lemon drops and cocoa powder 3 spoons in water it will make your throat feel more disgusting

fahilp o

no its not working stupid

zebra addict*

i have that same thing right now, and i went to the doctor and it turned out to be strep throat, go ahead and get a strep test from your doctor to be safe


Well then your suppose to help to make it go away not to help it for a hour. So then


I was just telling my husband that when I have a sore throat. I chew mint gum. It keeps my throat moist. and the pain goes away.

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