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I get toothaches alot because I'm currently getting extractions and as many teeth fixed as possible, so I'm no stranger to the blinding pain. I was in excruciating pain last night with my lower right tooth, and I tried everything; biting on a teabag, mixing oil, pepper and salt together, holding an ice pack on my jaw, holding something warm on my jaw.. everything! But nothing worked. What I eventually did was use the blue Listerine mouth wash, held it in my mouth where the sore tooth was until I couldn't take it any longer, then washed my mouth out with warm salt water, then dabbed Colgate toothpaste all around the gums and the area of the tooth. I then went to bed, hoping I would actually be able to sleep. And it worked! I fell asleep for thirteen hours straight with no pain waking me up. It is now, 5.30pm the next day and I haven't been in pain once. Hope I help someone because I know how sore it can be. Good luck!

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I just did this...I'll let you know shortly if it helps. I'm noticing a burning in my tooth right now from the Colgate...I'm worried cuz it's Colgate total and not regular but that's what I had here and its only 4 am so I'm not going out.. keeping fingers crossed cuz it's been horrible past couple days...

Tara B.

Thank you so much. The pain is subsiding and I may actually get some sleep tonight. I just want to hug you right now.

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