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I get toothaches alot because I'm currently getting extractions and as many teeth fixed as possible, so I'm no stranger to the blinding pain. I was in excruciating pain last night with my lower right tooth, and I tried everything; biting on a teabag, mixing oil, pepper and salt together, holding an ice pack on my jaw, holding something warm on my jaw.. everything! But nothing worked. What I eventually did was use the blue Listerine mouth wash, held it in my mouth where the sore tooth was until I couldn't take it any longer, then washed my mouth out with warm salt water, then dabbed Colgate toothpaste all around the gums and the area of the tooth. I then went to bed, hoping I would actually be able to sleep. And it worked! I fell asleep for thirteen hours straight with no pain waking me up. It is now, 5.30pm the next day and I haven't been in pain once. Hope I help someone because I know how sore it can be. Good luck!

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Oh my gosh thanks soooooooooo much


You are a saint I was getting to the end of my tether its christmas eve and im looking down the barrel of a not so quiet and peaceful night.

Worst of all because i have till the 3rd of jan before the dentists opens again.


WOW THIS REALLY WORKED I did it like 3 minutes ago and I am no longer in pain thank you thank you very much.


Thankyou soooo much, I've have just suffered a christmas day with terrible toothache, tried pain killers, salt water, brushing and rinsing, then in search of a remedy came across this post and it really works, I had a different mouthwash, (but it was listerine with alcohol in it) and macleans toothpaste but it really really works :)


Omg thank you so much I have tooth aches all the time but nothing works like this just did


Omg thank you so much...i just did it 2 minutes ago and i feel the pain going are truly a blessing. Love tremaine


Thank you, thank you, thank you just did it, calmed down already. My mom told me about the mouth wash, I knew about the salt water but was not using them together with the toothpaste. It really does help, I still feel it a little but am hoping for more relief to come soon.


You are awesome , thank you so much, I've had this tooth pain for 3 days , it works!!!!


WOW! it really worked goodnight yawl!


Thank christ u posted that awesome result

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