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I am highly allergic to poison ivy. When I get it, I always have to go and get a shot because it just runs along my limbs until I am completely covered.
Several years ago, my wife and I took our young son camping with some other families, all with kids. Our campsite was literally covered with runners of poison ivy. Not wanting the toddlers to get the rash, I took to ripping them out with a shopping bag on my hand thinking that would protect me. Eventually, the bag was ripped to shreds and giving in to the idea that I was just going to have to get a shot, I continued to rip up the runners without protection.
Amazingly, I never got a rash, not the slightest itch. I was so amazed that I did some research on poison ivy to see if I could figure out what happened - why this time was different. I found that the irritant is an oily substance called urushiol. It is also found in other plants including the hulls of cashews and pistachios. Bingo. We had been eating pistachios and cashews all weekend.
Since that time, we have taken cashews and/or pistachios camping with us every time with only one exception. And that is the one time that I have had a hint of poison ivy since my original discovery. And even then, I ate a few pistachios and it cleared up without spreading.
While not scientific at all, I am convinced that they provide some sort of immunity to an outbreak and even help to minimize an outbreak once exposed.
Try it out and post your results here.

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This did not work for me. We were eating both types of nuts for 3 or 4 days straight before I came down with a very bad case of poison ivy. Hope it continues to work for you. Having this is miserable.


Ok here's the deal, I get poison ivy if I even look at it.. The best thing to do is go to the ocean and go swimming, if it is winter just go and get a jug of it. People say not to scratch it but what I have found works for me is to either when you are swimming in the ocean or in the shower you have to open the rash up buy scrubing the heck out of it. After you have opened up the rash rinse off with cool water, cold water if you are tough enough. If you are at the ocean go home, dont just sit there in the sun waiting to get sweaty and greasy waiting for it to bubble up. But anyway after you get out of the shower, pat dry. Take a paper towel and put the salt water on it. Corn starch baby powder or Gold Bond when that drys will help too. Remember keep it dry. Also there is a acne cleansing soap called Pan0xyl <Benzoyl Peroxide that dries up acne that works great for drying of poison ivy. You can get this stuff at your drug store. Ok so say you live in Kansas and there is know ocean just mix up salt, and water. Also Ban roll on deodorant works great. Believe me this stuff works, normally I have to go wright to the hospital and now I can clear it up on my own. If you want to become immune to poison ivy get a female goat and have her eat all the poison ivy, drink the goat milk and your body will treat the milk like a flu shot . You may think I am crazy but poison ivy has taken over my life and I deal with this rash all the time.


I came in contact with the poison ivy 7 and 8 days ago. Rash broke out in the rash about 2 days later. I have been using technu and prescription cream from the 1st day of contact! With only minor relief! I was becoming desperate! I am not interested in any if the remedies on here that suggest scrapping open the rash. So I figured I like pistachios so worst case scenario I was getting a snack that I like! The itch relief was pretty quick! Just a few hours later my rash seems much calmer, not nearly as red, swollen and irritated! I am calling this a WIN! Next time I will eat some before even going out to do yard work! I am going to continue to eat a handful a couple times a day til it is completely gone! Thank you for your post!

Amy E. Lake Holiday, IL


I ate some Pistachios before going out to pull poison ivy and the ivy rubbed all over my arms. A broken stem even spattered sap my way and no poison ivy. Hooray!

However, days later when I went to do laundry, I had forgotten about it being on those clothes. My arm was itching something fierce and when I checked it, I had several mosquito bite-sized bumps.

I soaped the area to keep the oil from spreading and wondered if the Pistachio remedy would work 'after the fact'.

I took a handful of Pistachios, shelled and ate them. Within 10 minutes, the bumps had stopped growing and started subsiding, and the itch was nearly gone. I could not believe it was working so fast!

Within two hours the bumps were tiny gnat bites and 24 hours later, there was no sign of it at all.

This is a '10' for me!! (I accidentally marked it as a '5' for my vote.)

Our property is COVERED in poison ivy and I frequently have to take steroids to get rid of the bumps. This remedy is the best thing on the planet and I'm shouting it from the rooftops!

Thank you! Thank you!

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