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I have tried all of the expensive foams and creams from the doctors. I know different things work for different people but this is what has worked for me.
I have had psoriasis for about 15 years, particularly on my knees, shins, ankles, elbows and scalp. I am still trying to figure out the scalp treatment and have found a couple on here that I will try (not sure about the pee though…).
For the other areas, I have had great luck with Coconut oil - the 100% natural kind in a jar, used for cooking. (I have a jar from Trader Joe’s, 5.99, and it has worked wonders.) I have had a continuous outbreak on my legs for over 4 years that has cleared up completely, with any new outbreaks beginning to heal before they get too far.
I shower normally using just liquid soap on a wash cloth on non affected areas but on the plaques, I use some version of “gentle cleanser” like Cetaphyl. Most stores have their generic versions for less - Target, Publix, Walgreen’s, Rite-Aid, etc. I DO NOT EXFOLIATE the plaques. I have found that to be very important, though perhaps counterintuitive. I just rub the gentle cleanser on with my hand and let the shower rinse it off naturally. I pat dry with the towel and don’t rub the plaques. They will come off sometimes anyway and that is fine. Just don’t aggressively rub them off.
Then I rub on the coconut oil and go. It is actually a very quick process and is just my ritual. Sometimes I will rub some on before bed or if I feel itchy.
I started back on Memorial Day weekend and the severe plaques from my legs are gone, no trace. Of course, new places started to appear but once I started the coconut oil treatment on them, the process halts and they heal up pretty quickly. I have a few places that are in the healing phase with no new spots forming for a couple of months now. And it is winter which is when they usually get worse for me.
For me, less is more. I agree with many here that the more chemicals, perfumes, dyes, etc. that you use, the worse it gets. I have also tried petroleum jelly, lard, Crisco, etc. None of them have really felt like they were healing the plaques but the coconut oil absolutely has. I have shown it to my doctor and he seems to be impressed though you can’t really profit from something that is easy and inexpensive to get.

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I just ran out to buy coconut oil and lets just see. I was given the same med's given to organ transplant patients about 6-years ago and it was GONE. I did the research and found in Europe it was being used my my doctor here wanted me to be mentally evaluated first which I wasn't having any of that. Bottom line, I took the medicine for about 10-day and it cleared my hands and side of my feet.

My feet has not broken out again but my hands did this past summer and I attribute it to stress. I will try the same med again if this coconut doesn't work. I'm praying for all of us dealing with this mess.

God loves us.

Thanks for advise. I will find you in a few weeks to let you know how it turns out.

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