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Bread seems to help my toothaches. Weird, but true. I find that wrapping small pieces of bread around the offending tooth or packing tooth with small pieces of bread dipped in either olive or sesame oil and then leaving it there for as long as I can stand it, then refreshing it if needed, gives me some added relief. This method will knock a minor toothache down almost to no pain and a major toothache it will cut down pain anywhere from 50% to all the pain. The relief you get usually depends on how bad a shape the tooth is in the first place. Sometimes just putting the bread in my mouth and leaving it on the bad tooth will almost instantly take away pain. Like I said, the pain relief you get from this depends on the severity of the tooth problem, in addition to your overall dental health and your individual tolerance for pain. Also, this method seems to help more if you catch pain early. However, this technique is not quite as effective if you're past a day or two of severe pain, but it will help and sometimes, if lucky, it will take away all the pain.

Other home remedies I've found effective are: rinsing mouth with sesame oil for 2 minutes several times a day or as needed. Make sure you don't swallow oil, just spit it out after a few minutes.

Also, going to pet store and getting penicillin for animals especially the amoxicillin. This seems to work the best for my toothaches once tooth has become infected. The quality of these pills are supposed to be as good as the ones for humans, plus no prescription is needed.

Cough drops will sometimes numb gums and help ease pain as will swishing cough syrup in mouth for a few minutes, then spitting it out.

Also, swishing alcohol such as rum in mouth will sometimes deaden pain.

Minor pain can sometimes subside with a simple warm saltwater rinse.

Clove oil placed on a q-tip or cotton ball then applied dirty to tooth can help.

If teeth are not sensitive to heat, sipping or rinsing mouth out with some herbal teas seem to help a bit.

Also, a big helper is Sensodyne toothpaste. It seems to deaden the tooth pain a great bit and it helps especially well if other surrounding teeth are hurting, too. It usually takes a few days to get the maximum benefit so start brushing with the Sensodyne early.

If you are lucky enough to have good pain killers, yet they don't seem to be working that well, you can try crushing them up and making paste with a little water and then applying the paste directly to the offending tooth. Only do this if your pain meds are not time released.

These are some of the best methods I've found and I sometimes in do them in combination. Of course, nothing helps like a dentist, but if you can't get to one right away for any reason, you may want to try some of these methods.

Good luck and let me know if any of these work for you. Almost nothing hurts as bad as an abscessed tooth, short of childbirth or kidney stones and I've had all of the above.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I used the bread dipped in olive oil. I found relief almost immediately ! A few times it took 2 or 3 doses but the pain always ended up going away and I got to sleep. Thanks again.

marva witter

yes the bread in olive oil do help.thanks.


thanks! good ideas, i have actually done similar things myself... all except the crushing of the painkillers and putting it on the tooth ;) just so you know that won't do anything except piss off the tooth and gums. 'good' painkillers need to be digested into the body so they can tell your pain receptors to chill out and give you a break ;)


Its been yrs since I've had a toothache and one was killn me for 4 days. Checked out this site and there is a lot of remedies. Of course I didn't have any the stuff that supposedly help till I seen ur bread comment. Tried it and it worked great. It blocked any air getn to the tooth, also it soaked up any puss relieving a lot of pressure :). Repeatedly changed the piece of bread. Finally had a good sleep lastnite. A lot of peeps say don't swish with cold water and I think there rite. Done it many times and it only gives minutes of relief but seems as though the pain comes back worse.


OMG, i did not think ths would work i just used plain bread and it dulls the pain ALOT not all the way gone but enough to were im not in horrible pain and can do what needs to be done for the day. Thank u soo much ur a life saver!


I have an excruiating toothache tonight, reduced me to tears, it was that bad.
Started with oragel, tried the crushed garlic and salt on tooth, then throat/mouth spray, then warm water/salt rinse. All these over a 2 hr period & not helping. Finally vicks vaporub on my cheek helped most. praying it subsides so I can sleep.

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