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Having anxiety and panic attack could be a very traumatizing experience. When I first got my panic attack, I thought I was going crazy and dying. It was a horrible feeling. At the peak of my anxiety, my body was overwhelmed with cold and shaking and my heart beat very fast. I am a kind of guy who always avoid seeing doctors, but after several panic/anxiety attack incidents, I decided to see a doctor. My doctor said that it was all in the mind, especially because I lived a stressful life. My doctor prescribed me alprazolam (xanax) 0.5 mg, to be taken whenever neccessary. So I took the drug the following night for the first time. 20 minutes after taking it, I fell into a nice deep dreamless sleep. It was 11 at night and I woke up at 8 in the morning, feeling totally fresh. I felt like born again, and was really awed with the drug. This is a miracle drug, I said to myself. After that I have taken several more within one month, everytime with the same effect of heavy sedation and restful sleep. Is my anxiety gone completely? Too bad, it's not what happened. Anxieties seemed to come more often than before I took the drugs. Before the drugs I had varying levels of anxiety like every two or three weeks on average. After the drugs, I felt the anxiety coming almost every day.

But I guess I am a lucky person because I started to do my 'google research' before it's too late. I found so many stories on alprazolam withdrawals. When I cross-checked with my doctor, my doctor said the opposite. He said that the drug is the safest of its kind, and do not have addictive side effects as long as taken appropriately. There is no explaining of how much frequent I can take it. The doctor sticks to 'take it whenever neccessary'. To err on the safe side, I decided to stop taking the drug.

For awhile after stopping taking the drug, anxieties still came every day. But I learn something about it. A natural anxiety, no matter how bad, will not last very long. If only I had taken the drug for a very long term, it would be some kind of drug-residue-induced anxiety, which would last longer and heavier. But like I said, I am very lucky to be suspiscious about the 'wonder' drug before it's too late.

Everytime I felt anxiety coming, I tried to focus on something else. I found that distraction is the key to overcome anxities. I started to collecting my own distraction methods. (I will share my distraction methods in my blog about anxiety cureanxietyforgood (dot) wordpress (dot) com/ )

One morning I had a terrible anxiety, my body started shaking but I kept trying to get rid of the “what-the-hell-is-happening” thoughts and trying to fill my mind with any other thoughts not related to what was happening. My anxiety subsided very fast, the cold and shaking dissapeared gradually. It took around 30 minutes to get back to normal. I think this is quite fast, considering how bad the cold and shaking I had. My ability to overcome this anxiety gave me confidence.

For several mornings in a row, anxiety struck bad, but everytime I could overcome it better and better. After that, some days pass without anxiety at all. On some stressful days, anxiety ‘visits’ me again, but only for a very short minute.

I said to myself that I will never be anxiety-free, but I mean that in a positive understanding. Anxiety in a certain small amount is needed, just like any other human emotions. I won't make 'anxiety' a dreadful word everytime I hear it.

I hope this story can be of some help.

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You did the right thing..bc they have the title of Dr before their name, does not mean that they are infallible! They have just studied more than you..So we must take our health into our own hands..Of course, there will be times that we must rely on the professionals, but anxiety starts within the psyche.. and who knows your psyche better than you..NO ONE!! So always be present when any decision is being made about your health and be an active partner in the decision-making...GOOD JOB!!

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