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I was living in an area where you couldn't drink the tap water. The water I could get, tasted like pond water, so I stuck to beer, within 2 months I had a massive boil on my chest on my sternum.

I left it until it had a nice big yellow head then I bought a miniature whiskey bottle drank the contents then placed it in a pot on the stove - filled the pot until the bottle almost wanted to float removed the bottle boiled the water turned off the heat and then picked up the bottle and placed it in the boiling water while holding the opening with my fingers to monitor the temperature when it was as hot as I could handle I used a cloth on the back hot end and quickly placed it over the yellow head which I had covered with Vaseline (to help with the seal). As soon as the air inside the little glass bottle cooled it sucked on with a massive vacuum, I then swapped the dry cloth for a cold wet one to help cool the bottle down.

Its an old South African remedy and it works really well - the bottle filled up to about 10% of its volume . I repeated it again immediately (after giving the bottle a good rinse-yuck). The boil was gone 2 days later.

When you floss and brush your teeth at night get in the habit of rinsing your mouth and then drinking as much water as you can. If you can do it drink more on an empty stomach when you wake up as well- this water treatment comes from Japan and they claim it even cures cancer.

Water helps your kidneys purify your blood, dirty blood causes boils and lots of other bad things too, so make sure you drink your daily dose of rocket fuel (hydrogen and oxygen) H2O

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I think that your tip about drinking water was very interesting. I wil be trying it as I think all of us boil sufferers need to detoxify. Thanks for that.

I don't think I will use the hot-bottle method on my boil (due to its current location). I have been soaking my boil in Braggs Organic ACV-soaked cotton pad for 1/2 hr at a time for the last 1 1/2 days, once in the morning and once at night. It is gone now!
Cost: $1 for the cotton pads and $6 for the apple cider vinegar. way cheap and super effective.

Drink up, everyone (water, that is).

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