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rule # 1 never scratch, scratching will spread the ezcema and unfourtunately treating eczema is very costy, a healthy diet is very important! perfumes and dyes and certain lotions will irritate the eczema dial hypoallergenic soap is the best i have very severe ezcema and i recommend that over dove! I also use arm & hammer hypoallergenic laundry detergent with no perfumes and dyes also be consistant with treatment remember you treating layers of skin so when using the oatmeal bath take one everyday um drop about 3 tiny drops of baby oil in your bath water keep the skin moisturized eucerine if you use to my you will clog the pores and irritate the ezcema they're are ways to make it better it just take alot of time and money and patient and see a dermatologist if you can

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