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I have NEVER had a toothache before and well I have one now. I haven't been to the dentist for 3 years because I have no issues with teeth. But now I do I didn't know what to do, and like all of you guys I found this website I looked at few of the remedys and I found these 2 very good!

1. Salt and Water.

First get hot water and mix it with salt. Then wash your mouth but do not swallow! Because your mouth may be infected. Wait for a few minutes and voila! The pain is gone for a few hours

2. The Garlic.

Get some fresh garlic and cut it in two, place the garlic where the pain is. It will sting! Trust me it is PAINFUL and smelly, but it is all worth it, and when the pain goes throw the garlic in the bin.

This helped me! Hope this helps you!

Good Luck <3

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Brush your teeth and rinse mouth with peroxide water two times and apply neosporin with a q tip around and on the affected tooth. It helped me!


i have been in a lot of pain wth my tooth for 5 days....i tryed the salt water with warm water and it gave me so much pain...i would not recomend any1 to try this.

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