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Bite down on a dill pickle and leave it there. Has same effect as garlic because dill pickles are saturated with garlic. They also contain several other ingredients like Mustard oil and such that acts as pain killer, anti-inflamatory, anti-biotic, etc. and vinegar, etc. all the things that are in a dill pickle like onion and the rest are natural cures for toothache. I read this on the internet somewhere and tried it. I found I had to leave the dill pickle on the tooth for 5 to 10 minutes but it did help. Burned my tongue a little, so try to use a small piece and keep your tongue out of the way.

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thank you so much for ur adivise pickle were the only thing that i had at my house and it works


thank god i found this post and happened to have dill pickles. I was at a full throb before I found this, Works like a charm.

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