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put sliced onions in the microwave with sugar sprinkled on them and bake and then remove the juice and take it. this works great for children and babies. Also slice and onion and fry it until hot and wrap in a towel and lay on chest, it opens up the lungs for adults just eat pieces of a raw onion. It really works.

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totally false, onions are the cause of most cases of asthma when it comes to food. The acid in onions make the airways in the body swollen, causing weezing. Caffine is the best. I usually drink a soda or a cup of coffee. The caffine breaks down the swelling in the airways.


Good thing i looked this up first. i could of made my sons asthma worse with this


Onions ARE are well know anti-inflammatory and CAN tackle to causes and symptoms of asthma.

Unfortunately onions are also a well known allergy.

So long as you are not allergic to them, then advice to use them to combat asthma is sound.

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