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Dr. Kelle

Ok so I drank eggnog mixed with vsop brandy and fell asleep about an hour later. I then woke up about six hours later with severe heartburn at about 3 am! I ate two tums and it didn't stop (usually I take mylanta and it works fast but I was all out). I then drank milk and felt some relief, but heartburn was still there. I found this site and made the baking soda water mix. Definite improvement, but when I belch I still taste the eggnog and brandy! Gross right? Ugg.. so my throat is still sensitive so I try the honey. 1 TBSP and throat feels soothed. I take 1 more TBSP for good measure and my throat feels coated and when I belch no more eggnog and brandy!!! I said a lot but I wanted you to take your mind off the burning sensation as you try these techniques. It's 4:30 am now and I will try to go lay down. I'll let you know if it returns. Thanks all!

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