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Problem:old failing root canal right maxillary6/7. 3 days pain, worse at night when lying down (increased pressure?) No abscess but increased bacteria. Realised that I had exceeded max. amounts of paracetamol (with 30mg codeine) and ibuprofen in last 24 hours (taken every 3 1/2 hours). It wasn't working and I'm still nursing so not keen on taking codeine!
Solution: clove garlic, grated, then held between teeth for 5 mins whilst doing Adam's pressure point exercise. Nausea, teary right eye and over salivation but pain down from 8/10 to 2/10. Repeated with another grated garlic clove and chewed ginger root for good measure. Now if my baby will stay asleep, I'll get some too!
Thanks to all who have contributed.

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been up night.hate toothaches.warm some peroxide up and gargle with it.spit and repeat a few times.pain eases dramaticly.even with an exposed nerve.try it....

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