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I have been suffering with abcesses on and off for around a year my dentists are like butchers I never had any of these problems until I had 2 fillings and now both teeth have abcesses on.
I looked on here to help find a remedy
however what has helped me is Propolis, it contains antimicrobial properties which apparently is a natural antibiotic, I started these yesterday and have been taking one every 4 hours it has taken the pain away, reduced the swelling on my gum, so far so good! I got these from Holland and Barrett and got the lozenge form, they taste really nice.
As well as being good for your teeth and gums it has many other benefits too!!
Im also taking along with it antifect tablets also purchased from Holland and Barretts these contain echinacea and garlic which im told also helps, yesterday I felt like death til I started taking these, they have been in my system for over 24 hrs now and I feel so much better.
Hope this helps

: )

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amanda poff

well i started this really bad toothace on christmas of this year, i tried my gramothers remmdies but non worked until i took some blck chi tea with hot water and kept it in my mouth for about 5 min and then contunuied until i could go to the er and they gave me some pain killers and antibotic for my teeth i have not had a tooth ace sence. if you are in major pain please go to the er.

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