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I am 12yrs old and frequently get mouth ulceration. The trick that has been passed down from all my grandads through to my dad is to put Vegemite directing on top of the sore. It is extremely painful but the good old Aussie tricks work.
Another thing I do is rinse some water with dissolved salt in a glass of water and spit...
I do notice that occasionally it helps when I use a different toothpaste. Anyway, I am open to suggestions since mouth ulcers drive me bananas!!

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You may be allergic to fluoride which is a common cause of mouth ulcers. Try using a non flouride toothpaste.


Thanks I will try that


Its true it hurts I'm 10 and I do it to.


I get them a lot also


I have them a lot and my doctor prescribed magic mouth wash it doesn't cure it but it numbs it and it works


Find a toothpaste that does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate. Worked for me! Good luck

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