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Now this is my theory for constipation

Shoes!! The way we walk means we are slapping our feet and not engaging our abdominal muscles - some of these muscles are very deep and can only be activated by very specific and smart training.

Now - this has worked every time for me. Whenver i feel constipated i walk barefoot in my house - but i grip with my toes really hard. This has always engaged some muscles around my abdomen and then within an hour or two - i have to go and its a full flush cleanout.

If you are badly constipated - i would suggest walk barefoot for about 15 mins. grip really hard with your toes at each step - talk a natural laxative (like senna leave tablets) and go to sleep. See what happens next morning.

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I was very interested in the information presented here on this site, but then I read the posts, and unfortunately I am a bit apprehensive about taking advice from a group of untrained individuals who can't spell simple words like 'take' in their sentences.


Yeah, God forbid they be human and make a typing error...or usually even if I spell it out correctly my phone likes to 'correct' me, maybe this was the case for this person...? Don't know. I do know I hate when people are so judgmental about a person's spelling in a situation like that. Just wanted to share my opinion since the last person shared their's.


Ditto, Jennifer :)


As a follow-up to my original post - i have changed to a paleo type diet (but have incorporated rice, still use non-organic chicken/beef) cut out on all wheat and dairy except for kefir and now i am barely ever constipated.

In response to the comment above -

I wont address the spelling error - after all we are all humans and it is human to err -

I do stand by earthing and walking barefoot - it helped me stay regular. But now im addressing the core issue: revamping your diet.

I do have organic garlic before i go to sleep - chopped into small pieces and then swallowed. Its too tough for me to chew and swallow - this will clear out your system and kill candida.

In the morning after a breakfast (eggs and apples) i have kefir - this gives the stomach good bacteria to thrive on.

I believe the American diet is to blame - it is way way far from what our body is meant to thrive on.


No one else is worried about the spelling error. Thank you for your helpful advice. My digestion is usually normal so I was just looking for some help. Thank you again!

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