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(49 yr Male) After having intercourse with a new woman, I noticed small fissures on my foreskin (dryness).
She had small bumps around her anus which I didn't concern myself with; idiot that I was! Sex both front door and back.
After 3 months, my fissures started to heal. I thought it was scar tissue ie: My body healing itself.
Fully anesthetized in the operating room, I had a biopsy and Penile Ablation to burn off of the genital warts. 3 weeks later, they are now returning where the biopsy was made. My foreskin looks like it has been chopped up(which it has). The warts are returning. I have to pull back the foreskin to have the warts show. Very moist and sensitive area. Anyway, I will try the tea tree Oil and over the counter remedy like compound W and let you know in the comments I make later. God Bless you all. We are not dirty. We were in Love.

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Isopropyl Alcohol to clean makes the foreskin very dry, cracks skin where biopsy made- painful.I will stop using it. Tea tree oil is soothing. Open bottle and allow to drop on warts. They turned white yet nothing falling off. No change in size or clearing. Dabbed ACV with q-tip on warts. Vitamin E enriched pet jelly to sooth. Foreskin is so tight it splits open when pulled back. Day 1 of home remedying.


Used eye dropper to put apple cider vinegar on warts immediately following with teatree oil drops, applied each time that I urinated. Last night the foreskin was so cut up from applying remedy. Applied oil based vitamin E; before going to bed and nothing else. This morning during washing behind the foreskin, I believe one of the warts actually fell off on a white cluster. Vigourous washing/rub of wart. (day 3) (Gott sei Dank)


I think it is actually working! Much better today. During the day use the TeaTree Oil and ACV drops. Make sure you apply the Vitamin E oil or Jelly overnight. Thank you to all who submitted their comments. Without you I would have lost my mind. No need for operation or biopsies just to have the doctor fcuk up your skin and diagnose what you already know: that you have GW. God Bless you. I hope I too have been a help to you. Peace, onward with life :)


Pulled back foreskin placed a slice of cosmetic cotton pad over warts. Saturated it with ACV then reclosed foreskin over head with cotton slice underneath. Went to bed. This is not fun.


I used j&j bandage tape to hold the ACV saturated cosmetic cotton pad on the warts. Kept foreskin back and left it on overnight. Coated my penis head with Vitamin E oil so ACV wouldn't damage it. Woke up middle of night with tape choking my penis, so dont make it too tight. They burned the crap out of the warts. I allowed it to heal with polysporin. I am paranoid they will come back so I apply the ACV and tape once a week overnight. Last night there was nothing left to burn off. No pain or damage to my foreskin. I believe I am genital wart free. Every night I apply Vitamin E oil.


I have also been taking odour free Garlic pills constantly throughout the day. Peace my friend, you will get rid of them. Love you all.


I have followed your posts since your first treatment. Please up date your result in a month or so .

Thank you


I just recently had (protected) sex with a new guy. I didn't know how to say it prior now I feel bad and I'm afraid he will be upset. How do I bring it up? I'm SO embarrassed.

Original poster.

If he loves you he wont care, you will handle it together.
Done! no warts since January 2013.

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