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Thanks to all of your entries, I have concluded that trying tea tree oil first before Lamisil.

My issue:
On the corner of my right toenail I have started to develop some fungus. It is a white kind. I went to the podiatrist today and he recommended the Lamisil. I have used that one time in the past and it was very effective. It is now 13 years later and it has happened again. After I got back from seeing the doc, I read around and I read quite a few posts about trying 100% Tea Tree Oil. I just went and purchased some tonight at Whole Foods. I cut my nail down so that I can get some of the oil in as far as possible and have applied the oil.

I just have a couple questions.....

After applying it...should I leave the toe to breathe or should I cover it?
How often should I be doing this? Once a day? Twice a day? More?
Do I need the file the nail down? And where do I do this, since it is in the corner of my nail as of now?

Also, please by all means if anyone has any other info they would like to share with me - please please do. I want to get rid of this as soon as possible.

This is where I have been reading a lot of Tea Tree Oil success stories....

tipking (uk website)

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Hm, have you ever tried special zederna insoles made from cedar wood? The insoles binds moisture and reduces nail fungus, because of his special antifungal charakteristics. Without chemistry – 100% natural. The wood of the cedar tree is even used in the boat building sector because of it's antibacterial features. Cedar wood is extra fungus-resistant. One of the few trees in nature who has such abilities. Fortunately this effect also works against human fungus just by wearing them inside your shoes.


Lamisil is known to increase cholesterol levels. My wife went on Lamisil at the same time she stopped taking a statin and cholesterol went through the roof. Stopping the statin certainly had an effect but the Lamisil seemed to magnify it tremendously.


Lamisil is not good for you, do your homework and research the side effects. I use Tea Tree Oil and soak my feet in a mixture of apple cider vinegar, epsom salts and baking soda (NOT baking powder) foot spa at least twice or once a week. You can just use a dropper to put a little drop between the nail bed and the skin every other day. The smell is so strong that will last even if you wash your hands. Just make sure you do it everyday (bedtime is the best since you won't be washing your hands for hours) It actually depends on how advanced is your fungus. I can tell you I started to see results in about one month or less ;o)) Good luck to you! Namaste!


My right big toenail had fungus growing under the right side tip of it . I put bleach in bottom of shower & soaked it. It cleared up right away. I only did it once. Of course I clipped the nail close first& cleaned from under it all I could.

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