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My daughter first came home from school with lice in Jan. I was so upset cause my daughter takes good care of her hair. At first I went to the store and got Rid i followed it to the tee and yet she was still infested and i was still pulling out live bugs. So then I bought Nix. I thought everything was great untill later that night When I was combing though her hair and still saw live bugs. Then it turns out that me and my other daughter got it to. I then started looking on the internet and saw this ad for LiceRX I bought some and couldnt wait till it got here. I thought that had work the school nurse even checked us and we were okay. LiceRx even told us that we didnt havet to do it again in 7 to 10 days like Nix and Rid. After awhile my daughter got sent home again with it so the process started all over. I couldnt believe it cause I knew we were clean and so was my house. Come to find out the neighbor was outside and she told me that he daughter had lice and that she couldnt get rid of it for about 8 months now and here I didnt know that and my daughter was over her house playing with her daughters and thats how it ended in her hair again. I couldnt use the LiceRx again cause it aleady caused my daughter to break out and have scabs on her scalp. So I tried something else cause I was at my wits end I read something called mayo mayo and more mayo for lice. What I did was heat some mayo ( the real mayo ) and coated my daughters hair and put a shower cap on her head and let her sit there for 2 to 3 hours. Then washed it out with dawn dish soap ( for the grease ) and after that I washed it with Coconut shampoo then with Coconut Cond, then last but not least cause this is the most important thing I then washed her hair with Denorex shampoo ( the best shampoo for this ) I let that sit on her hair for about 5 mins then I washed it out after that I blowed dried her hair on high heat and i combed though there will be no live ones cause of the mayo it smothers them. The nits should just comb out with a good nit comb not a lice comb cause its teeth are to far apart to take out the nits. EVERY morning and EVERY night wash the hair with Denorex shampoo and blow dry the hair and keep searching for the nits. What the Denorex shampoo does it dries them out to where they cant mate and kills them. Please let me know if this helps anyone or if you have any questions. But believe me coloring your hair or any of that over the counter dont work and i couldnt do the vinger cause as soon as i put that on my daughters head she screamed.. Heres my email addy if anyone needs it for

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i hope this really works because i am going to try it


I've been battling lice for a few months now and used the rid THREE TIMES and waited 8 days to do each treatment bla bla bla. I bought the rombi comb and combed out my 3 y/o daughter's hair the other day and this thing killed FIVE of these LITTLE bugs that are so small, that I needed to check each one out under a light and realized that it was the 'baby' lice cause i've read up about this lice crap! THe rombi comb is an electronical comb that emits a buzzing sound the whole time and it SHUTS off when lice is detected, and it KILLS it or them, instantly. MY heart literally dropped after each time it starts but it is so worth it. In the meant time, I'm using denorex 3x a week, combing with my electric comb every single day(this way, they can't lay anymore eggs cause this thing kills them before they are able to reproduce) and bought some paul mitchell tea tree shampoo and contioner, oh and not to mention a garlic tablet every single day, LOL. I have been also checking for eggs with the RID combs periodically, it's so disgusting! BLA But it's also humerous to think that these little creatures are such a BIG pain and boy, are they hard to get RID of!


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