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my teeth are the worst, at least 6 rotten teeth, maulers are like volcanoes,no money or insurance, here is what I have learned from a trusted friend, take 5000 mg vitamin C for a week, then drop to 2000 mg, along with the vitamin C take calcium magnesium Zinc, this will help the healing process,and for the pain,I wanted to die, jaws, eyes,ears, and even my head was in pain, sevearly, get you some activated charcoal powder, pure form to engest, mix a spoon with glass of water, this will help get rid of the infection, get you some,perma guard food grade, diatomaceous earth, this will help teeth, look it up online, it will help grow back enamal, make a paste like dough and pack the holes in your teeth with this,, when brushing, got to keep teeth free from food particals, get some baking soda, and some sea salt, not the regular salt, must be sea salt, a spoon of each mix an add a little water brush,place some in mouth and swash with warm water for awhile, brushing can agrivate so after brushing lightly swash mouth, now get you some LuAnna pure coconut oil, table spoon,swish in mouth for 15 minutes do not swallow, helps with the pain.depending on the severity of the pain, get a gause and mix a paste of pure vanella exstract,Cinnamon Oil flavoring, ground cloves, not hole cloves, get the ground, mix and soke a gause and place it on the hurting arrea, hope this was a help to you, it has been working for me.

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Thanks for the wealth of information, however in my I experience, having never heard the sea salt only; regular salt and warm water washes work just as well.

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