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i had a plantar wart for about 1 month and so my mom took me to the store to get the wart removal pads and so we tryed it for a few weeks and nothing not one thing had changed so my mom took me to a foot doctor and i had the wart cut out first she gave me a shot for 5 min. it hurt like heck and i did scream but i am a little tolarence pain person and it was hard to keep up and rap my foot and keep it clean but it just came back so we did the hole thing over again and it finely went away but it left a big scar and it has been like 5 months and i just recently noticed 4 yellow small growths on the side of my foot around where the first one was my mom says that we are not going to go to the same doctor and my dad says that we are going to freeze it of and i don't no what to do so what should i do ?

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i need to no what to do what did you do?


A good remedie for getting rid of a planters wart is to suffocate it. You can do this by applying super glue to them before you go to bed at night. Do this every night until they are gone.


i had it cut out 2 times and it left a huge scar so i would not recommend it and 4months later i got 4 other warts so now me and my dad are trying the at home freeze away kit i hope it works


Ugh- you poor peanut- tell your folks to check out web MD cuz even the conventional sites will tell you that just leaving it is better than all of the doctor treatments (best way for it NOT to return), and that in a study of all of the treatments, duct tape worked the best! You leave duct tape on it for 6days at a time (replace when it falls off). and on the 6th day soak it and rub it a bit- we used hot water baths with epsom salt and that relieved the pain for my 6yo. Then you just replace the duct tape again, if it works it usually will work within 3 mos I think it said. Good luck.


ok so now i have 4 more warts and we tried the home freezing thing did not work duck tape for a little and now apple cider vinegar and now the warts have gotten a lot smaller but my dad said he wants to look at them so i said ok and they have a bunch of little black dots on them every where and he starts yelling and says they have gotten so much bigger and they really have not and he says that we are going to the doctors and i no how much luck i have with them so now every time we go any where i have to question them and i hate it so so so much and i dont want to go to the doctor and i dont no if i can trust my dad any more and he was like my bff and i have no one to talk to and now he is so stressed out cuz of them he yells all the time and wont help me in math and i am failing all cuz of those dumb warts i i just dont no what to do

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