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I am 21 years old, I have a 4 year old and a 18 month old, and I am really tiny, so obviously I got a lot of stretch marks from my pregnancies, and also from my teens I had them EVERYWHERE, from my thighs, to my breasts, I even had one on the back of my arm. So what I used was baby oil. almost three times a day. when i got up, after i showered, and when i went to bed. it did work of fading them. Then I heard about celtrixa and IT IS AMAZING, its a cream and it did wonders. this last summer i wore a bikini and I was 15 the last time I did. Good luck, I hope I can help you.

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Hi I have been trying to cute my acne for ever and what I have found that works kind of is if you wash your face with soap,shampoo,and proactive, then rub sorbolene lotion into your skin do it doesn't dry out then you skirt lemon juice,and a table spoon of salt onto a make-up removal pad and scrub your entire face with that, then brush off the dalt but do not wash off with water,Then after you do that continue with steps 2 and 3 of proactive it takes a while but it had good results and to cure a pimple quick use a dab of tooth paste onto the pimple and leave over night, but DO NOT put a band-aid over the tooth paste it will cause your skin to burn, I hope I helped and good luck :D (if anyone had any other ways of curing acne email me-


how much that cream? and where can I find it?


Where did you buy the cream?


Hey is Celtrixa available in India?
Plus did you have white stretch marks because my stretch marks are old. And wherever I read remedies for stretch marks shows for the initial stage(where the mark is red or purple) of stretch marks. I really need to get rid of them. Please guide.


I can tell celtrixa work...but it's kinda pricy but you get what you pay can find it in the net....I forgot the site but it's under hydtoxitone try to search under that.....


How long did you put it on and saw a difference?


Which baby oil???


For how long did u apply the baby oil n did u stop putting the baby oil n then the celtrix cream or did u put both at the same time

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