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Jo Jo in Cali.

for teething babies frozen fruits like strawberries and grapes (peel after already frozen) and watermelon.

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HEY! Babies can start teething at 6 months. Any small fruit chunks, but especially GRAPES is a CHOKING HAZARD!


Also, strawberries are very likely to cause an allergic reaction when given to a baby under a year old.


I did this and it really helped. I used frozen grapes and oranges. I also used a baby teether made by Sassy that has a small mesh bag that the fruit goes in and a handle screws on the bottom. It's a little messy because of all the juice, but it eliminates the chocking hazard. Also, I didn't freeze the fruit all the way it was more slushy.


You can buy these really cool net type things in the baby section I fill with frozen fruit and it really helps the teeth break through quicker. Plus it gets my children into the flavors of different fruit at a young age.

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