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Toenail Fungus
File nail till smooth, use a curved nail file to take down the surface faster. Apply Vicks Vapor Rub. Repeat several times a week. After one month one of my big toenails is grown out and normal. The other is 1/2 grown back and no fungus. Very happy with the results. My husband is trying it with his toenails and one fingernail.

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When u say file the nail flat you mean flat on top? Both my big toes are extremely painful to the slightest touch of a pillow. Vicks sounds like a good solution, just a little nervous it might make it worse.


The Vicks works! My daughter has had the twi big toes with dark nails for a couple of years. She started cleaning them with vinegar and applying the Vicks 1-2 times a day, the nails have are now returning to a normal state in appearance. Great home remedy. Prescription would have cost $150 for 3 mos supply, Vicks and vinegar, $5!! Good Luck


Continue from prev post: My daughter has been doing the treatment for one month now.


I Have terrible nail fungus that im so enbarrased about im bearly 23 and so disgusted with my nails been like this for about years so neglected my nails but know im trying vicks and vinegar and it seems like its working one of my big toes was horrible and know its half cure and half not the other 5 toes just turn brown not seeing results but time will tell ill keep you all inform..


Vicks worked for me on my little toe. I had a brown fungus on the nail for years. I applied vicks one night and forgot about for 5 weeks. This morning I was cutting my toe nails, when I got to my little toe the brown fungus on the nail just gave way. Now my little toe is clean looking once again after all these years.


I also had this problem but I found it would keep comming back because my husband and I use the same shower matt so what I recommend is using flip flops or bleach the matt after each use eithier or will keep your feet fungus free


Thank u for sharing this. My licensed foot doctor (podiatrist) also told me to use this same method just today. He said it will work if I also do the same thing that you said to do. You are a genius also!!!

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