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I'm female and have been struggling with these for about two years now, so unpleasant and embarrasing, i'm too embarrassed to let my partner catch a glimpse of them and it's affecting my willingess to get intimate and is therefore impacting our relationship. (We're careful when we are intimate and are well protected to avoid spreading them to him)

I've been given some ointment by the local sexual health place and quite frankly it was useless, it made me sore and was of limited use in actually ridding me of these things. The doctor just kept telling me to carry on with the treatment and prescribing me more ointment. Eventually i got so sore i had to stop using it, that was about 6 mos ago now.

Recently i got desperate to rid myself of them and read that essential oils can be used. I've been applying 2-3 drops of pure, organic lavender oil once a day for a week and already i'm almost halfway free! Some are just falling off, some are shrinking to nothing. Once they're vanished entirely ill carry on for a while to make sure they're completely gone.

So, Treatment Plan:

You need
*Pure Lavender or Tea Tree oil
*A well washed, dry finger

*Apply 2-3 drops of oil per day, using the tip of a well washed finger, preferably after showering/bathing. Increase dose if you have a particularly extensive problem
*Massage in well ensuring entire area is covered.
*Continue until at least one week after all warts have vanished.
*If the oil begins to cause irritation dilute it 50/50 with a pure carrier oil such as olive, sweet almond or evening primrose and apply twice a day.


*When a wart falls off it will sever it's blood supply and you may bleed a little. This should stop very quickly and is nothing to worry about.

*Both of these oils are extremely strong and may irritate the sensitive skin, dilute the oil and if that doesn't work stop the treatment.

*I have seen improvement in internal warts also with this treatment, your results may vary.

*Keep everything well washed at all times and use one bottle of oil for this treatment and nothing else, this will prevent the spread of the infection to other people and other areas.

Hope this helps people :)

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Follow up: Have just been to the docs today fro an unrelated issue in the same area and have been pronounced clear of warts.

Lavender. Great stuff.


So did you do the treatment plan strictly with lavender? And your posts are about a year apart, did you do the treatment plan for a year and they went away??


So how long.does the lavender take to work I am male and have found a small cluster at the tip of the anus


Nearly a year down the line and i'm still free of them. Worked perfectly for me.

For those who asked, i kept it up until all of the warts were gone and for about a week afterwards. I used only Lavender oil (i didn't need to dilute it as apparently i'm not too sensitive to it) and it took about a week to start seeing progress, 6 weeks down the line i was almost completely free.

It may take a little longer than some methods but it worked for my stubborn warts and did not cause 'burning' pain like ACV is supposed to, or like that stuff the doctor prescribed me.

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