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Hi guyz.
I just randomly found this site while researching on why i am in so much pain because of my growing wisdom tooth, and its been helpful to me so i thought i should help as well. Anyway my way of controlling the pain which works for at least 7 to 8hrs, is am taking brufen 600mg. its really helpful coz the pain stops immediately for a while. I started taking this after taking panadols without any result. Try it ull see it works. Hope that was helpful.....Good luck coming the pain down lol...its a badb**ch....

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Be careful taking too much ibuproohen. I have had severe pain from my wisdom teeth for over a weeks now. Pain going from my jaw up to my ear and eye. It's so unbearable I was taking 800 mg of ibuproohen throughout each day and its the only thing I found to work but it will hurt your stomach lining. I learned my lesson because now I'm dealing with pain in my stomach and teeth pain. Three more days until I get my wisdom teeth cut out. Hopefully I'll make it til then. Ice packs help a little. I'm not taking any pain reliever now but I feel like I'm dying. Gargling water seems to relieve the pain some. Just plain bottled water all day long has helped some.


I came across this site trying to get relief for my wisdom tooth pain. I been having extreme pain for 3 days now and its horrible. I actually went to a dentist and they said my wisdom teeth came outwards whatever that means. The point is that its painful. The dentist only prescribed me motrin for pain and some antibiotics. None of them helped. I still cant sleep t night from gum, ear, jaw, and head pains. Im thinking next stop is the hospital. Maybe theyll prescribe something that will actually ease the pain. ;(

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