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Why has nobody tried apple. Apple works very well. I usually slice an apple and keep it in a sandwich packet in the refrigerator and whenever I have heartburn, I eat a few slices of apple. Works like magic!

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The apple worked immediately! Thank you so much. Now maybe I can get some sleep

Dr. Kelle

Ok so I drank eggnog mixed with vsop brandy and fell asleep about an hour later. I then woke up about six hours later with severe heartburn at about 3 am! I ate two tums and it didn't stop (usually I take mylanta and it works fast but I was all out). I then drank milk and felt some relief, but heartburn was still there. I found this site and made the baking soda water mix. Definite improvement, but when I belch I still taste the eggnog and brandy! Gross right? Ugg.. so my throat is still sensitive so I try the honey. 1 TBSP and throat feels soothed. I take 1 more TBSP for good measure and my throat feels coated and when I belch no more eggnog and brandy!!! I said a lot but I wanted you to take your mind off the burning sensation as you try these techniques. It's 4:30 am now and I will try to go lay down. I'll let you know if it returns. Thanks all!


The apple worked for me. Also took a banana and two spoons of mustard. My heartburn went away in a matter of 30min. The trick is to sit upright, do not lie down!!! Or else you will feel very uncomfortable. Thanks again guys


Apple started to work with the first bite! Thank you very much!!!!


Man i been feeling like i was dying for about an hr i ain't never had heartburn this bad i had nothin to help stop it i seen this n lucky enough i had two apples so i tried it n i feel so much better not completely gone but way better then i was thanks

Not bad

3:08 and just had half an apple and some tums earlier but just after the apple there was some relief, gonna eat the other half.

Zach Z.

Just ate a red delishis(horid at spelling) apple while laying on left side. heartburn better but now right side hurts.=(

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